From the desk of James Avery....
Can you imagine Yourself as a Verbal Assassin?
Learn how an introverted, alcoholic mute
mastered psychological warfare and became a verbal hitman for a top NYC law firm.

My job is to train you to be a psychological hitman:

It’s a dog eat dog world. Survival of the fittest, and if you don’t have what it takes, they will walk all over you and win. They will win everything.

Learn my penetrating one liners.

How to use powerful INSULTS and COMEBACKS.
Debate anyone with an unstoppable, killer angle.

Verbal firepower for any situation.

Mentally pulverize your opponent with my insane combos of verbiage!
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This world is cruel. And trust me, if you haven’t seen the worst of it, your verbal opponent will have NO MERCY. Once you are embarrassed, defeated and your reputation is damaged, they will not stop to pound your emotional body into submission. There is no reason why you cannot put your opponent to rest!

But give yourself some credit, you at least your getting close to having a professional argument, even if you haven’t accomplished the goal, you still want to defend yourself, correct and punish your opponent, and gain the higher ground.

Different personalities and arguments require different treatment.

A winning argument also requires:

Memory skill

Disciplined concentration

Breath control

History reference
Psychological endurance.

A winning argument is not easy, especially if you are up against a master.

Your argumentative style is vulnerable to attack as well. If you can be predicted, you lose. Different styles can be used effectively to accomplish what you need to do, but beware! Using too many styles can result in you coming across a little loony. You don’t want to be “disqualified” for psychological misuse or plea insanity.

Your objective is to:

accomplish something professionally

change something in your lifestyle
exercise your intellectualism

defend your life


You need a solid technique that will work everytime in every circumstance.

If you can’t even communicate your argument, guess what: you are in sorry shape. You need to remember, losing an argument shows in your character. The outcome of a fierce argument resonates in your society. People WILL remember your statements and you don't want them remembering you as... “That guy who talked a lot of S!#%t, or “The woman with a bad attitude.”

When you argue, do you wish someone would listen to you? Or you could explain something to someone better? What about the constant bicker, not letting you get a word out? Your mouth is a tool. Use it.

There are a number of classic flaws that you probably can’t kick. You might allow your “point” to be derailed and your pride and sensitivity to get the best of you.

You need to learn how to “Plow” through the personal insults and low blows, punish them for bringing it up and build their respect and understanding for your argument, no matter what your opponent’s level of intelligence is.

Take a second and imagine yourself as a verbal assassin.

Learn how to get raises from your boss or from the president, hammer a salesman into submission for the ultimate discount, zip an abusive person’s mouth shut for good. Make sure your insulting neighbor never says a negative word to you again.

Who has the time to go back & forth with someone who is misunderstanding, degrading  and talking over you? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time for it. I put them to rest easy. I am careful about what I say, composed, fluidly stopping anyone in their tracks that disrespects me in the least bit.

So this is where I come in. My specialty is arguments. Other people specialize in music, numbers or law, I argue and win, because that’s what I love to do, and have made a living at it for 15 years.

I am going to train you to argue like a champion. I will teach you how to use powerful verbal techniques that will have a devastating effect on whoever you are arguing with.

With my multimedia course, you will learn how to:

 “Store” your opponent’s faults during your argument in your brain for use at a later time, while you simultaneously create an unstoppable angle.

Discover how to use “power sentences” to break your opponent’s memory, train of thought, and change their emotion. Now is the time for you to communicate with force.

Use a "Bluff" technique that cannot be broken by anyone, not even an autistic savant.

Kill them with kindness. Argue with them in a certain style that doesn’t even look like you were arguing at all!

Become a BoardRoom ringleader: Gain incredible leverage immediately using strategic reactions.

Build your overall reputation: Everyone you communicate with will gain a strong understanding and respect for you.

Verbally and psycologically manipulate your opponent into submission.

What about that argument “cheater” that yells over you the entire time. You can either have them start studdering or shut up immediately and listen to your point for once, the choice is up to you.

Here are some of the remedies for different situations that you will be given in the WinArguments system:

Political debate champion techniques: No matter what application, it is up to you, you can either create new hybrid belief systems or make your opponent fear you, while they gain respect for your beliefs and interpret them correctly.

Need to squash beef? Someone’s got a “chip on their shoulder?” Confront them with the tools you need to make a lasting impression.

Remember the last time you were sitting in a mediation with your ex wife’s lawyer who got the best of you? Next time that lawyer is going to be fired by their client for incompetence.

Have you ever been forced you into a corner? Have people ever “teamed up on you and put you in an impossible situation? You already had made a few defensive mistakes even before you ended up in this situation. Learn how to put multiple people in their own corners.

One liners that KILL. Sticks and stones will break bones, but words will never hurt me? WRONG!

Turn accusation defence into an offense! Anyone accusing you of anything? They will wish they didn’t! They won’t be laughing either, (More like crying or sick to their stomach.)

Afraid that people will “call you out” and ask you “What got into you?” when you engage them in confrontation? They are not going to “call” anything. One of the best tactics is to allow them to underestimate you! Just when they thought it was safe!

Fighting for your job? You need the right weaponry. Arm yourself with unstoppable firepower to turn your career survival into a promotion.

You give them an inch, they take a mile? Show them once and for all, that the privilege you gave to them is not negotiable. Watch them pay you back with interest to desperately attempt to save their self image.

These are some of the things you will be able to accomplish with my course.

After you discover the secrets to winning arguments, in my ecourse, you will emerge as a master of communication, debate and argument.

You want respect

You want to communicate better

You want to learn how to fight and win with your mind.

To effectively use these tactics, you don’t need to be educated, you don’t need to be physically built, or have a solid reputation, money or friends in high places. All you need is 10 minutes to look over the course, pick up & memorize the secrets I am going to give you.

Get ready to enter into the world of the fierce verbal fighter, who is respected and loved for honest, strong verbal defence in the boardroom, office, home, street or anywhere else that you shall roam.

Iron-Clad Unconditional 56-day Promise

If you fail, I have failed. If I cannot accomplish my goal of teaching you all I know, I am in debt to you, for your time and for your commitment.

I am telling you this because in a couple seconds, I am going to offer you the most powerful ecourse system available on the net for Arguments. Now if for any reason, you are not satisfied with my system during the 56 days you own it, email me and return it!If you don't see tremendous results over 56 days,

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I want you to engage your verbal attacker, strike where it hurts, gain respect and win arguments.

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